March 24, 2023

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5 Tips To Get The Best Personal Injury Settlement IN Houston

Personal Injury

When you get severely injured in a car accident in Houston, the first thing that pops up in your mind other than the pain is to look for an appropriate compensation. However, collecting the compensation is not an easy task as you are made to believe. In theory, it is the insurance carrier that should pay for your medical expenses, wages lost and other related expenses. In the real world though, these insurance companies try to minimize the settlement amount to increase profits.

Hiring a good personal injury attorney in Houston is one of the first and most basic thing that you should do. This is just the start to a legal procedure which will get a little complex, and any error or haste from our end can leave you with a lesser amount of compensation that you were expecting.

Here are some tips which will help you get a good strategy in place, once the negotiations for your settlement starts to gather momentum-

When you put together a settlement demand letter, you try to establish a range of the amount you think your claim is worth. Before talking to the adjuster, have a settlement figure in mind which you will accept. Once the discussion opens up, having a set amount will help you to quickly make a decision on whether to accept the offer or not.

Sometimes, an adjuster points out a few things that will make you revise the amount either upwards or downwards. Make sure you hear that out before deciding.


It is normal for any insurance adjuster to start negotiating by offering a very low settlement amount at the first go. Some even go to the extent of denying liability completely. This is just a tactic from the adjuster to understand how much your claim is worth and how impatient are you to get an amount as settlement.

When you are made a first offer, your reaction should depend on whether the amount on offer is reasonable or not. Any sort of hurry on your part will give a cue to the adjuster and he will definitely try and close you to a very less amount.


If, in your first discussion the adjuster offers a low settlement amount, never react impulsively. Instead take them off guard and ask calmly as to why they think such an offer is justified. Note down the important points of your discussion and then respond to the points of the adjuster.

The next time you discuss with the adjuster, ask for a response to those points first. You should now get a reasonable offer on which you can then negotiate.


During negotiations, make sure that you include any emotional points which support your claim. Emotional factors might include a picture of a badly smashed car or a very severe injury, which you ask the adjuster to refer. While such instances do not necessarily define a value, they are powerful enough to get an insurance company settle your claim, making the life of you and your car accident lawyer in Houston easier.


The moment you and the adjuster finally get to an agreement on a settlement amount, you should confirm the same in a letter to your adjuster. The letter may be short and concise, but it should contain all the important details for your personal injury case and the grounds on which it was settled.

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