June 1, 2023

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Common Car Accident Causes And Injuries In Toronto

Car Accident

Roads in Toronto may be getting safer over time, but there are still dozens of traffic fatalities each year. In Ontario as a whole, there were around 36,000 collisions in 2016 that caused significant injuries or death. Driving is a necessity, but there are always risks.

Always put safety first, not only when traveling but in your everyday driving. Stay alert on the road and make sure your car is in good shape and ready for whatever might happen. If you or a loved one become one of the many injured each year, you may also need to hire a Toronto car accident lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help you protect yourself and seek compensation.

Accident Causes

Car Accident

Car accidents happen for a wide variety of reasons. When there are so many cars going their own way at high speeds on the road, it’s easy for a problem at any point to cause something to go wrong. Many accidents are a result of reckless or aggressive driving, like tailgating or excessive speeding. Changing lanes suddenly, running through red lights or taking turns at high speeds can decrease reaction time and put drivers into a risky situation.

Human error is a significant cause of accidents in Toronto when drivers start to fall asleep or operate their vehicle after using alcohol or other drugs. While sleepy or under the influence, your body isn’t prepared to act quickly and make snap decisions necessary to avoid danger on the road.

Sometimes accidents aren’t caused by drivers in the moment at all. Instead, they happen because of problems with the vehicle or external conditions on the road. A defective part in a car or a sudden blowout of a tire can cause the driver to lose control and crash into another vehicle. Rain, ice, or snow on the street can pop up unexpectedly and make drivers lose control and slip on the road. Any weather that impedes visibility increases the risk of accidents as well.

In Ontario, nearly 20% of accidents involve drinking and driving while distracted driving and speeding cause another 20% of accidents each, according to the 2016 Ontario Road Safety Report. The most common types of impacts reported that cause an injury or death are accidents where one car was turning or if a vehicle was rear-ended. Accidents involving only one car were also common, whether it was weather-related or involved a pedestrian.

Frequent Injuries

Car Accident

Even minor car accidents can cause lasting injuries. One of the most common is whiplash. Sudden stops when a car is hit or runs into another object will throw the driver and passengers quickly forward with momentum and then back as the car stops. The extent of the injury may not be apparent immediately, but the severe strain on your neck muscles can take a long time to recover.

Whiplash can also shake your head strongly enough to cause a concussion. A concussion is a brain injury that can cause a wide range of neurological symptoms, and it will require medical treatment. Drivers can also be left with a brain injury if they hit their head in the accident.

Car accidents also cause many other injuries like broken bones, cuts, and even internal bleeding. A sudden collision and the strength of the airbag can have unpredictable effects on a body, especially if the person makes their body tense before impact. The most lasting and intense injuries occur when someone’s brain, back, or spine sustains severe damage.

Any injury you sustain after an accident may mean costly medical treatment for quite some time. Insurance doesn’t always cover enough in such cases, so it’s sometimes necessary to look into legal options as well.