March 24, 2023

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Common Types Of Injuries After An Accident


You go along in life, and suddenly, tragedy strikes.

When you sustain serious injuries in an accident, there’s no time to think.  In fact, often your judgment is so clouded by pain and anxiety you aren’t sure what to do, or where to turn. Your mind is befuddled and you are not objective, so you are more likely to make a snap decision that can change the course of your life. Getting medical help is just part of the equation for sustaining your life after an injury and being able to move forward.

After a time, your injury may worsen. You may not realize how injured you really are. When seeking legal advice, there is no better time than to call an Irvine Personal Injury professional. You may not know the extent of your injuries, but even less so, you may not be aware of all the work it takes to get the compensation you deserve.

When you are injured, there may be a number of problems that happen in your body.

Accident injuries can include:

  • Bumps, Bruises, Scrapes, and Cuts. Those little things that don’t seem like much can be deeper and more serious and open to infection if not treated
  • Whiplash.  This is the name for a variety of injuries to soft tissue from muscle strain, ligaments and tendons stretching
  • Broken Ribs and Broken Bones.  Excruciatingly painful, broken bones can take months to mend.   Lost of sleep due to pain and limited mobility can impair your ability to work
  • Head Injuries.  Concussions can take hours or days to present and can have life long effects.   Several well-known cases have someone waive off medical help, saying they are fine, then hours or days later are left paralyzed or worse.
  • Internal Bleeding is sometimes overlooked and unseen when you first arrive at a hospital, which is why you are often kept for some time.
  • Herniated Discs. Back injuries can have a lifetime effect that leads to surgery and extensive recovery time
  • Knee Trauma. Knee injuries can transform into serious disability over time, and without the ability to walk and exercise you can put on weight leading to serious health concerns.

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The home you live in may suddenly not be as comfortable if you have a sudden disability and are unable to move about.

After seeing a doctor, you might find that will require long-term care. You might even have permanent disabilities. By seeking the help of a personal injury lawyer immediately, you can alleviate the long term problems from a financial and emotional sense. An experienced lawyer has the ability to calculate how much your injuries are worth and how best to approach garnering the financial help you will need.

A lawyer has extensive experience with similar claims. They have knowledge of the law, insurance company policies and can save you time, money, and anxiety in dealing with the paperwork. Time is your most valuable commodity. An experienced lawyer knows the processes and ways to request your medical records. They know how to review police documents They can communicate with the insurance adjuster about assets, insurance, and liability. In some cases, there needs to be alternative ways to reach resolution a lawyer can handle your arbitration, mediation, or trial because they know the personal injury process.

Often, settlements are higher because a lawyer knows what the value of your injury is and doesn’t settle for a low offer, which may seem fine in the beginning.