April 1, 2023

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Do You Want To Move From Singapore To America? Here Is What You Need To Know

After the agreement that took place on January 1, 2004 between America and Singapore, the H1 B1 visa was created. This particular visa is basically a new class of non-immigrants work visa that allows people from Singapore to move to America to work and of course, people from America to do the same thing to Singapore.

Moving from Singapore to the US

However, as it always has been, when it comes to these kinds of things, things can be a bit complicated. Maryland of different rules out there that were going to have to follow in order for to be completely certain that, the reason you’re going to be choosing is going to be the right visa for you. The most important part is the fact that, this particular visa actually has certain requirements that you need to know before you actually get it.

As a person who’s going there to work, you need to qualify for certain things before you get the H-1B1 visa. In particular, the position for which you are going to America to work for must be a specialty occupation. You need to be specialized in what you do which means not going to need at least a full year of study postsecondary degree specified on your field of action. You can most certainly not be self-employed or an independent contractor.

The most important requirements

The most important part of the requirement when it comes to this visa is the amount of time you’re going to be spending on America and the fact that, you need that amount to be temporary. It is important for you to be able to demonstrate non-immigrant intent. Finally, unlike the traditional visa, in this particular case the employer does not really have to submit the I-129 form petition for non-migrant worker to the Bureau of citizenship and immigration services.

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As you can understand, this particular visa can make things a lot easier for anyone who might be thinking of moving from Singapore to the US for work. Now, if you want to be completely certain that nothing is going to go wrong and you need to make sure that you will be able to find the best H1B1 visa lawyer for Singaporeans. It is important to remember that, the person that will be taking on this particular case must be a professional on the field and have a lot of experience and expertise.