March 24, 2023

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Find How Impaired Driving Lawyers Toronto Will Protect Your Legal Rights

Cases of dui (driving under the influence) including driving over the 80 speed limit, impaired driving or denying the police the right to take a breath sample in accordance to the criminal code in Canada are regarded as criminal offences. In the event that you have been charged with such offences, the first thing you should do is to contact a Toronto dui lawyer for advice. One good thing about this lawyer is that he/she understands the consequences of being charged with DUI. This may impact negatively on your capability to work, get employment considering the harsh penalties drivers found guilty of drunken driving are subjected to and even traveling. 

As such if you are looking for someone to help you out of your precarious situation, then the right person to go to is a Toronto dui lawyer. As such, the first thing we do is ensure that no one infringes on your rights and that is why impaired driving lawyers Toronto will protect your legal rights. Our team of professional lawyers is currently the most sought in Toronto. Although some cases may seem alike, we ensure that each case is dealt with differently depending on the challenges as well as opportunities presented.

The fact that you may have once been charged and acquitted of the same charges, it is not likely that your current case can have the same kind of ruling. Why do we say this? Well, having been in the field for many years, experience has taught as a lot and that is why we are open to mention this to you. It is important that we let you understand what awaits you in any given case.  In this case, if you have been implicated in a drinking and driving case and you don’t know here to go for help, just contact a Toronto dui lawyer immediately and your case will be handled professionally.

Penalties for drinking and driving

Knowing the penalties of your offences is very important and as such as provided for in the criminal code in Canada, as a first offender, you could face a fine totaling to $1000 and a criminal record conviction. Subsequently, drunken driving could land you in the coolers for a minimum of 30 days as a second offender. If you are charged with drinking and driving for the third time, you risk spending 12o days behind the bars.

In this case, if you are convicted for these offences, you are likely to be prohibited from driving for one year as minimum period. It is for this and other reasons that seeking help from a professional lawyer comes into mind. We believe that regardless of your case driving lawyers Toronto will protect your legal rights to the latter. We are here for you and we don’t see why you should suffer when the solutions to your problems can be taken care of once and for all.  We understand that sometimes things may not go as you expected but due to our professionalism, we will be most willing to take you through the entire hearing to ensure that you get a fair hearing.