April 1, 2023

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Guide To Income Replacement Benefits

Income Replacement Benefits

As a result of physical or emotional impairment, such as post-traumatic stress disorder, this disability might arise. Consult personal injury lawyers in Kingston to avail benefits.

Below are some of the tips about this important benefit:

  • Qualifications including being injured severely enough that you cannot work the same way you did before your injury. This can be said as an eligibility criterion to avail the benefit. If not, all category requirements are met non-earner benefits also are possible.
  • This benefit is calculated based on gross income, are paid every two weeks, and do not exceed $400 per week. By filing a slip and fall or other personal injury claim, you might be eligible to receive payment for past and future income loss beyond these benefits. Also, personal injury lawyers in Kingston can help you determine any other deduction of benefits.
  • This benefit is paid at a maximum for up to 2 years. Any lost income is not covered for the first seven days of disability.
  • Also fill out a form as said to be OCF-2 and you should inform your insurance carrier within seven days of your accident. You might lose out on benefits if you didn’t complete the application for Income Replacement Benefits and submit within 30 days

Eligibility criteria

An applicant must have severe enough injuries that they cannot work or cannot work in the same way they did before being injure, to be eligible for income replacement benefits also along with this the applicant should meet one or more of the following qualifications as follows;

  • The applicant should be employed at the time of the accident. Also, self-employed is acceptable.
  • worked for half a year or more in a year preceding the accident;
  • Applicant must have an Employment Insurance at the time of the crash;
  • If not employed than at least 16 years old and excused from attending school at the time of the crash.

How much money will I receive to cover my lost wages after an accident?

As much as 70% of your gross weekly income, you will receive to cover payments. It is based on your employment history just before the crash.

Your benefits generally will be calculated in the following ways mentioned below, if you were employed at the time of the crash;

  1. Your gross income in a year before the crash
  2. Your gross income in the four weeks preceding the crash with multiplied by 13.
  3. Under any other source of income replacement, you receive your final benefit may reduce. This may include income assistance from any employer or other insurance policy.