June 1, 2023

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How CBD Is Effective for Periodic Pain?

How CBD Is Effective for Periodic Pain?

Many women, however, may suffer menstrual cramps throughout their lives. Some people find it very painful to return to the same monthly schedule over and again. Women may use CBD to assist them while they are having these difficult moments. Due to all of the issues that come with menstruation, almost every woman dreads the time of the month. In addition, most women experience pain, irritation, and mood changes often.

Is CBD Effective for Period Cramps?

Cannabidiol may assist with menstrual cramps because of a good reason. NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) work by inhibiting the enzyme COX-2, which blocks the activity of pain and inflammation. While it does inhibit the COX-1 enzyme, which isn’t associated with inflammation and pain, it also blocks COX-2, which is likewise unrelated to these conditions. COX-1 is responsible for maintaining the healthy lining of the stomach and intestines. Aspirin is often used to treat stomach ulcers, and thus NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) have been linked with stomach ulcer risk.

The research findings show that CBD inhibits COX-2 but does not interact with COX-1. Since the COX-2 pathway is exclusively involved in pain relief, the cannabidiol may achieve a higher level of inflammation reduction without producing stomach discomfort or other adverse effects often associated with over-the-counter pain medications.

One method to use cannabidiol for menstrual cramps is by inserting it into the vagina and rectum. Bodily areas such as the digestive system and the liver are bypassed when it comes to absorption. Almost instantaneous administration of the active component is possible through suppositories. Pain reduction and inflammation alleviation may be quick if you use a cannabidiol suppository for menstrual cramps. The previously discussed phenomenon has generated a new debate point: CBD tampons. There are stories from women who say the belts work better for menstrual cramps than the tried-and-true approaches they have used in the past.

Does the Application Method Influence the Results?

It would be helpful to just respond with no, but this is not the case. You may get cannabidiol in a variety of formats. Common types of menstrual discomfort include:

  • Drops:

With drops that include cannabidiol, you must be a bit more attentive. You must put the drops beneath your tongue for optimum effects. Allow time for the flavor to permeate your tongue before swallowing. Cannabidiol doesn’t have nearly as much absorption in the stomach. If you can’t swallow it, it will be more difficult to digest.

  • Gummies:


You can try melatonin infused CBDfx gummies for sleep which makes your body calm and relaxed in the condition when you’re unable to sleep due to the period’s pain. Cannabidiol edibles have gained in popularity over the last year. However, most of the CBD is ingested; thus, the efficiency is limited. One issue you would be worried about and take care of is the dose. Knowing how much cannabidiol is in a gummy ensures that you don’t accidentally ingest a large amount of the cannabinoid. The best thing about gummies is it comes in fixed-dose so you just need to give your time in deciding your dose when you buy them.

  • Capsules:

When you use capsules, you have total control over your dose. Alternatively, opening the capsule and placing the oil under the tongue is preferred.

  • Vaping:

Pain relief will be obtained through vaping much more quickly than with other techniques. On the other hand, several experts have raised the worry that vaping may affect the lungs. So it’s not worth your time.

  • Creams:

You may use creams to apply topically. Applying the oil to the hair rather than applying it directly is recommended, although a cream helps it go further.

To help menstrual cramps, how much CBD do you take?

There is no standard CBD dosage since each person’s optimum dosage is different. Therefore, when it comes to utilizing cannabidiol for menstrual cramps, there are no established dose guidelines.


You should start by reducing your dosage and gradually increasing it until you find the appropriate dose and efficacy for you. Pain and PMS symptoms may be tracked by keeping a diary or record. You’ll know what dosage to use if you keep note of your outcomes.

More importantly, if you are going to take cannabidiol in your daily routine, it is recommended to consult with a doctor knowledgeable in cannabis usage about your goals.


Millions of women have to deal with menstrual cramps each day and act as if nothing is wrong. However, pain is so intense for some women that they must take measures to protect themselves from it. It is safe to say that the advent of CBD products marks a clear improvement in the marketplace. It is effortless to acquire cannabidiol products in many nations across the world.