June 1, 2023

Lemon Law

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How Pennsylvanian Lemon Law Works

How Pennsylvanian Lemon Law Works

Buying a new car is basically an act of trust. You will not just put your trust in the car’s manufacturer. You will also be trusting the dealers that they are selling a vehicle that is in great and safe-to-drive condition. When this trust gets broken, it can be fatal and inconvenient at the same time.

Some federal statistics show that around 3% of auto accidents result from mechanical failures. This is why people need to hold every unscrupulous dealer liable for defrauding them.

Failure to do this, car sellers will likely feel more emboldened to sell unsafe and unreliable cars. This is where lemon law in Pennsylvania comes in to hold all unscrupulous dealers accountable.

What Lemon Law Is

This is a law designed to protect every driver dealing with defective cars that remained unfixed even after multiple attempts by manufacturers to repair them.

In this case, many lemon laws mandate drivers to get compensated by either a replacement car or a refund. A replacement car is normally of the same model and make.

How Long the Process Takes

The entire process might take one month. But manufacturers usually refuse to follow Pennsylvanian lemon law and offer you the remedies you legally deserve.

If your attorney is unable to settle the claim directly with your car’s manufacturer, they can file a lawsuit against them in a court of law.

It might take between one and ten months to settle the entire claim when it reaches this point. But most of the claims are settled faster.

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What to Expect

If your car gets declared a lemon, it means the manufacturer should either provide you with a new car or rebuy the car.

When a manufacturer opts to rebuy the vehicle, they must pay you the same amount you paid for it. This basically includes:

  • Net trade-in allowance
  • Down payment

Your claims can also be subject to usage offset. The amount gets deducted from the total of cash you will get as compensation. Currently, the amount is around 10% of the total buying price.

Fixing a Car under the Pennsylvanian Lemon Law

If you strongly believe that you have a case involving lemon law, you should report it right away to the dealer or manufacturer. The faster you identify the issue, the faster you will be able to alert manufacturers and get compensated.

The proper practices to consider when leasing or buying a new car includes documenting all the interactions with your dealer or maintaining organized records of every service receipt.

The documentation must include the overview of the issue, odometer reading, and charges for labor/parts. Keeping these details and records makes it simple to identify all the defects and have a paper trail to start building a claim.

Final Say!

Once you realize that your car qualifies as a lemon, it can be thoughtful to get legal help from a reliable attorney in Pennsylvania.

Remedies, including refund and repair of the car, can be available. A professional lemon law attorney may review your situation and ensure your rights get protected.