March 24, 2023

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How To View Sex Offenders in Your Area

view sex offenders in your area

Have you ever wondered how to view sex offenders in your area? The founders of Kids Live Safe once wondered the same thing. Our mission at Kids Live Safe is simple – To do everything we can to keep our children and loved ones safe from sexual predators. Since 2009 Our goal has been to provide a safe place for parents to do background searches quickly, efficiently, and with accurate information. We know it is important to be able to protect your children and family. 

Why Choose Kids Live Safe?

Because we know that attempting to access background information through public records can be a slow frustrating process that leaves you vulnerable while waiting to find out if a sexual predator has moved into your neighborhood. Kids Live Safe provides a more detailed list of a person’s background, within moments. This gives concerned parents access to run background checks on people and be able to protect their families by being able to know who is in their neighborhoods quickly and easily. 

Search, Map & View

Search and view complete profiles of sex offenders living near you. Information on Sex Offenders includes a photo, name, address, description, offenses, and more. Kids Live Safe provides the valuable service of gathering information from federal, state, and local databases as well as nationwide information that you can access from the privacy of your home.

Name Search

Enables you to anyone who interacts with your child through our Sex Offender database. The name search lets you know that the people you trust with your kids are not registered as sex offenders.

Email Alerts

You can register your address and up to 3 alternative locations for alerts of new sex offender activity. You will receive instant email alerts when a sex offender registers within 5 miles radius of your monitored locations. Alerts include an offender profile with photo, name, physical description, address, offenses, and more. Giving you the tools to keep your family safe.

Unlimited Background Reports

We know top priority in life is keeping your children safe. The background reports we provide give you the tools to do just that. With access to federal, state, and county public records. Kids Live Safe provides you all the important details such as; the contact info, address history, criminal records, career details, possible known associates, and more. We provide private and secure information searches.

Reverse Phone Lookup  

Teenagers are known for not wanting to tell their parents who they are hanging out with. Awareness is key and it is no secret that teens are a targeted age group for sex trafficking. You need to know who your teen is in contact to keep them safe. Use reverse phone lookup to look up numbers in their contact list that you don’t recognize. It may save their lives. The reverse phone lookup capability gives you access to the person’s name, age, and location. You can even find out if they have a criminal history. You are your teenager’s front line of defense and this tool makes it easier to protect them. 

Viewing Sex Offenders

It is easy to see that Kids Live Safe is a fantastic way to see whether or not the people around you have been convinced of sex crimes or any crimes at all. If you are ever wondering about who might be lurking across the street, or around the corner, it is easier than ever to find out the truth.