March 27, 2023

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Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

Reasons Why You Need to Hire a Car Accident Attorney

An accident can cause a severe financial strain on you and your loved ones. You will have hefty bills to sort out if the accident is serious, which may keep you away from work for a long time, you may lose your income because of hours not working. If you are injured because of another individual’s careless or reckless actions, you need an experienced lawyer who will fight for your fair compensation. The lawyer can help you continue your life by ensuring that the individual responsible pays for their negligent action. Below are some of the ways a Greeley car accident attorney can help you

They Will Investigate the Case

An experienced¬†car accident attorney¬†will investigate the accident incident properly and uncover all the factors that could support your case. They will ensure that there is no aspect whereby the defendant’s insurance company will highlight to deny the claim.

They Will Negotiate On Your Behalf

The attorney will negotiate with the defendant’s insurance provider directly on your behalf. Therefore, you won’t need to worry a lot and focus on your recovery from the trauma. You will be relieved of any added stress.

They Will Guide You

With the experience they have in such a case, they will advise you on calculating a fair and reasonable settlement amount to cover all the damages caused. This will include your emotional damages, physical injuries, and other losses such as loss of time and salary at work.

Medical Examinations

If you sustain injuries during the accident, your insurance agent may want to carry out their medical examination to assess your condition. They will use their own doctors, who mostly evaluate injuries but don’t carry treatment, and submit their report to the insurance company. An accident lawyer will monitor everything and ensure that professional conduct is followed during that process.


Your insurance company will request you to allow the release of your medical and employment documents. They will use them to conduct your health provider and employer directly. If you authorize access to these documents, you will give them direct access to confidential information that may not even be needed for the claim. If you use a reputable attorney, they will only obtain the necessary documents on your behalf and supply the insurance with the required information to support the claim,

Limitation Periods

There are usually some limitation periods that apply to a claim. For instance, there is a time limit to the period required to file a claim. If you fail to file your lawsuit within that period, the court will dismiss your case. A reasonable attorney will be aware of these limitations and take the necessary action to protect your interests.

Fair Representation in Court

Many insurance companies will want to have an out of court settlement. For example, they will want to offer you compensation for medical expenses; you can file for more compensation. An experienced car accident attorney will help you file the claim. You may either file for lost income, the stress that the injury put you through, among others. The lawyer will ensure that you are compensated in court. Meaning you will continue with your daily activities as the court case is going on.

Note that arguing with an insurance company on your own without proper knowledge of the law related to accidents can be very difficult. Insurance companies won’t work in the best of your interest, even if they might show that they do. It would be best if you got a car accident attorney to represent you and get a reasonable settlement amount for your damages.