April 1, 2023

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How to Seek Compensation for Construction Accident Injury in Texas

Construction workers are doing high-risk tasks that can potentially cause injury. One may fall off from scaffolding or may get involved in a forklift accident. The sad thing is, most of these accidents would have the preventable with the proper enforcement of security measures. Still, carelessness and negligence of the construction company or any third party could put any worker at risk.

And worse, these accidents don’t just break your bones; they also cause trauma, loss of income and pain and suffering. And if you don’t pursue the case for getting just compensation, things could get even more depressing for you and your family.

Fortunately, you don’t have to seek compensation for your injuries alone. An experienced Corpus Christi personal injury attorney could make things as comfortable, smooth and pain-free for you, with the goal of getting the maximum compensation possible. Here are the steps to getting a personal injury claim due to an accident in a construction workplace.

Report the Incident to Your Superior Right Away

You need to ensure that your superior is aware of the incident immediately. You should provide an oral account of the event with matching written report. Make sure to recount the accident to the best of your ability, emphasizing the working condition where there could have been lapses in safety and security.

Work With a Personal Injury Lawyer

Get medical attention for your injury and contact an experienced personal injury lawyer right away. Once you’re able to do this, you can focus on recovery. You’ve already suffered enough from the accident and having a reliable lawyer working on your case will help ease your stress and anxieties.

A personal injury lawyer will ensure that you get justly and adequately compensated for your injuries. Time is of the essence so make sure that you talk to a personal injury lawyer right away after the accident. Your lawyer will collect evidence and testimonies that would help in building a solid case for you, and consequently, earn you the highest possible amount of compensation.

Examine the Settlement

It is very likely that your employer will try to settle things with you so you wouldn’t have to sue. While this route seems less stressful than going to court, it also doesn’t always imply that the offer is just and fair. Never agree to a settlement or give any verbal or written consent to the settlement. Consult with your lawyer first before and study the offer carefully before making the next move.


Your job as a construction worker is already a tough one, so getting hurt while in the workplace can impact your life in so many ways. It is crucial that you know your rights should you get injured on the job and that these rights are upheld with due process. You don’t want to add to your suffering by getting zero to minimal compensation. Talk a trusted lawyer who will defend your rights and negotiate on your behalf, so you get the best settlement offer.