March 27, 2023

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Why Do You Need A White Plains Car Accident Attorney?

Why Do You Need A White Plains Car Accident Attorney?

When in a car accident in White Plains, the NY State Vehicle and Traffic Law requires you to file a report within ten days. With such limited time, a White Plains car accident attorney is your best bet. They will get the ball rolling while you recover from the trauma and injuries from the accident.

Having to deal with police reports, insurance claims, and medical reports while you are overcoming the accident can be tiresome. In this article, we will discuss why you need to call an attorney soon after your accident.

Help File A No-Fault Claim

New York is a no-fault insurance state. So, regardless of if either party was at fault or not, you can claim insurance for your medical expenses and lost wages. Hiring an attorney instantly will help you file these claims and get the ball rolling.


If you call your lawyer from the crime scene, they will help you document everything while seeking medical attention. Having someone trusted to handle the crime scene’s documentation while the police arrive will ensure that nothing is missed.

Tip Case In Your Favor

With proper documentation and eyewitness’s testimony, your White Plains car accident attorney can prove the other party’s negligence. It could be an illegal turn, running a red light, reckless speeding, or driving under the influence. With proper documentation and evidence collection, you can file a lawsuit to compensate for your grievance.

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Professional Help

Attorneys deal with car accident cases regularly. They have the expertise to deal with such matters efficiently. If you try to resolve the issue alone, you may end up with nothing more than a lot of paperwork. Therefore, allowing the professionals to handle your claim will ensure you are compensated fairly.

Wrongful Death Suit

Due to the car accident, your attorney will help you file a wrongful death suit in case of death. They will have enough experience to collect evidence and prepare a lawsuit that will necessarily establish liability.

Catastrophic Injury

At times, accidents can leave one or more passengers in the car seriously injured. It will result in high medical expenses, loss of pay, and even permanent disability. It is a lengthy process, which can be easily handled by an experienced attorney. You can let your lawyer handle the paperwork and the lawsuit while caring for yourself and your loved ones.

Property Damage

You need not be driving to be in a car accident. Car accidents occur even when your car is parked. The other party may be experiencing vehicle problems, reckless, negligent, or under the influence. These could cause them to hit your car and damage the vehicle and the property around it. Your lawyer will help you ascertain the level of damage and help file a claim with the insurer.

Timely Filing

Apart from the state traffic laws, you also need to file your insurance claim within a stipulated time. Hiring an attorney right away will ensure that all your paperwork is filed promptly.

Car accidents are a common occurrence. Regardless of a minor or severe accident, it is best to have a White Plains car accident attorney handle your case right from the beginning. They will ensure that the case’s legal and clerical aspects are taken care of while you recover.