March 24, 2023

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Why Does a Drunk Driver Need a Good Criminal Lawyer in Canada?

Drunk driving or Driving Under the Influence (DUI) is not just another traffic citation, it is a criminal offense. While the definition of drunk driving is different in each state, normally when a person has Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) of around 0.08%, he or she may be charged with a drunk driving offense. The reason for drunk driving to be deemed a crime is that people are prone to traffic accidents when under the influence of alcohol.

According to Traffic Police Canada, approximately 155 people were killed and around 540 injured in cases involving drunk drivers in the year 2019. To control such cases, the government has declared drunk driving as a crime and you may be charged with a felony. The Department of Justice has strict laws for this crime. You might have to pay heavy fines, you may face license suspension, and in extreme cases, imprisonment. Here are reasons why you should have a good criminal lawyer at hand when you are an alcoholic.

1. Penalties

First of all, when a drunk driver is arrested, he is given a court date. He needs a good criminal lawyer, either to plead him guilty, to fight the charge, or to lessen the nature of the conviction. If a person has been charged for the first time, he is either charged with a mandatory fine of $1000 or a maximum of 10 years imprisonment. For the second and third offenses, a minimum charge is 30 and 120 days of imprisonment. The court can even charge with 10 years of imprisonment in extreme cases. You need a good criminaƶ lawyer to fight that.

2. Driving Prohibitions

If you are repetitively arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol, the Department of Justice can prohibit you from driving. Your driving license can be confiscated. The license suspension period depends on the number of offenses you have committed. The minimum period is 24 hours. In Ontario, drivers may face license suspension for up to three days. This license suspension keeps drunk drivers off the road and acts as a warning sign. It appears on your criminal record. Some states ask for a reinstatement fee for getting your license back.

3. If Someone Is Injured Or Dies

If someone is injured during a drunk driving crash, the driver can face imprisonment from 2 to 14 years. Canada has the longest maximum imprisonment. If impaired driving results in death or roadside killing, the driver may face life imprisonment. The Department of Justice has laid down strict rules to control drunk driving accidents. If you want to fight for a lesser punishment, you need to hire a good criminal lawyer.

Bottom Line

Driving under the influence of alcohol is a criminal offense. The Department of Justice has laid down strict rules to regulate this heinous crime. If you are a regular drinker or fall in the category of an alcoholic, you should consider hiring a criminal lawyer to keep you out of trouble.