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4 Benefits Of A Bail Bond

4 Benefits Of A Bail Bond

Imagine you just got arrested for drunk driving or another small offense. You get taken to jail, but you hardly have any savings, so you can’t afford to pay for bail. This is where Perry County bail bonds come in….

Top Scenarios For When You Need A Lawyer

Top Scenarios For When You Need A Lawyer

Lawyers. We love to hate them. We make up jokes, GIFs and memes, many of them highly unflattering, some of them downright nasty, and feel no compunction sending and forwarding them.  Now, is all the hate justified? Sometimes.  However, there…

How To Maximise Your Workers Compensation Benefits

How To Maximise Your Workers Compensation Benefits

Traumatic injuries at the workplace may cause temporary or permanent disability and loss of work function. Employers take an insurance policy to help injured workers return to work. Known as the workers compensation scheme, this policy helps minimise the financial impacts…

What To Know When Filing For Disability

What To Know When Filing For Disability

You want to work, but it’s too painful. You suffer from a debilitating illness that leaves your body tired and in agony. Therefore, going to a job everyday just isn’t going to happen. It’s not good for you, the boss…


What Is The Divorce Procedure Like

Davies Law Firm will share with you some details about divorce procedures. The procedure is different depending on whether the divorce is by mutual agreement or by a claim. In the case of a divorce by mutual agreement, the necessary…


Top 3 Reasons For Litigated Divorces

Most divorcing couples often choose litigation as a way of resolving their disputes as they separate. Other options include collaborative divorce and mediation. There is no formula for divorcing because all circumstances are different. Not all divorces end up in…

Paying Bail

Paying Bail: Is It Worth It?

If your loved one is in jail, you may be assessing your options. If you do not have the money to pay the bail outright, you might consider seeing the services of a bail bondsman. Is it worth it? Should…

Car Defects

Car Defects Can Prompt Lawsuits

Assume for a moment that, you have just got in your drivers license. You’re very, very excited because of the fact that, now you can actually drive a car down the street. Perhaps in purchase your very own car which…