March 27, 2023

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3 Common Causes Of Running Injuries

3 Common Causes Of Running Injuries

Runners become injured all the time. The two most prevalent types of injuries occur in the neck and back, and they can range from mild aches to severe spinal conditions. There are many reasons you might hurt yourself when out running — here are three of the most common to watch out for.

Insufficient Self-Care

Failing to warm up properly is a frequent cause of muscle strain in runners. And if you don’t build rest days into your program, you’ll end up with muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue often results in reduced mobility and aches — in extreme cases, you may even experience muscle spasms. Remember to stay hydrated before, during, and after your workout, and eat potassium-rich foods, like bananas, because they can help prevent muscle cramps. A hot bath with Epsom salts may also help you relax.

Poorly Maintained Running Surfaces

Damaged and uneven running surfaces can cause your ankle to turn over or twist. This may be because of a natural ground formation, but debris from roadworks or ground maintenance can also render the surface unstable. If an unsafe surface isn’t appropriately marked to give you sufficient warning of a hazard, you could end up with severe orthopedic injuries Southern Iowa. Be as wary as you can of an irregular surface, and if you’re in any doubt of its stability, slow down or avoid it altogether,

Running Injuries

Running Strike

Each time your foot strikes the ground when running, you exert extra pressure on your vertebrae, the bones that make up your spine. This can irritate an existing injury or cause a new one. Spine injuries that can occur as a result of your running strike include degenerated disc, herniated disc, and compression fractures.

Running injuries can happen at any time. Practice vigilant running and listen to pains or twinges — it’s your body’s way of telling you something isn’t right.