April 1, 2023

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All You Need To Know About The Employment Lawyer In North York Area


The human lives are filled with several hazards that may cause severe tension and anxiety. These issues are quite traumatic for all individuals. Some of such issues may occur due to your employment-related aspects. If you are facing any serious issues against either your current or earlier employer, you can resolve all your issues without any financial worries. This is possible if you consult and hire an Employment Lawyer In North York Area. If your case is genuine, the professional lawyers come to your rescue and assist you to get compensated according to your claim. The expert team of the employment lawyers offers their services on a contingency fee. This gives the option to the customers to pay only when the case has won the claim. Otherwise, no payment is required. Such an option is a great blessing to the victims of employment issues. The professional lawyers study the case thoroughly based on the facts presented to them by the customers. Then they assess the possibilities of winning the claim against the employer. The team of lawyers has adequate knowledge and experience to deal with all kinds of employment issues related to the employees. These instances mostly fall under two categories – wrongful dismissal and constructive dismissal.


Wrongful Dismissal


Usually, the employers should provide a reasonable cause and notice before they terminate any of their employees. If the notice period is too short, the payment has to be made to compensate for this period. In case, the employer has not followed these rules and terminates the employee without any notice and justified payment, it is termed as Wrongful Dismissal. This circumstance is case-specific. Hence, the claim for compensation is determined accordingly. The most vital and important factors that are considered by the courts while determining the duration of ‘reasonable notice’ are the age of the person, the availability of the similar employment, and the length of the service with the employer. The employees are bound to suffer when they are dismissed wrongfully which has a great impact on their lives. This hinders the ability to support oneself and the family. The legal advice is obtained freely under such circumstances from the employment lawyers. Your burden will be taken over by them and you will be relieved of financial issues with the compensation money.



Constructive Dismissal


If the feature of the employment of an employee has been changed by the employer without the consent of the employee, it is termed as constructive dismissal. You are entitled to compensation for the damage under such circumstances. The same amount of notice period is required for this also. The professional lawyers of Employment Lawyer In North York Area can help the employees to receive the compensation claim.