March 24, 2023

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Benefits of Online Bonus Feature Buy Options in Slots

Benefits of Online Bonus Feature Buy Options in Slots

Feature buy is a new betting option that is available in online slots within the past few years. It is also referred as bonus buy that allows you unlock the bonus round immediately.  This option seems exciting from the perspective, it lets the players to play the bonus at any time. Along with this, it also gives you an opportunity in order to chase huge prizes whenever you feel like doing so. However, bonus buy is not entirely perfect as well as does contain some downsides. Here we are going to cover feature buy along with its pros and cons.

How does bonus buy work?

We all know that the slot games have been offering bonuses for decades. Free spins were considered as the first slots bonus as well as remain the most popular today. Keep in mind that the slots do not hand out free spins and other casino bonuses left and right. They need you to trigger the feature by landing three or more scatter symbols on the reels to increase the chances of winning.

Bear in mind that the odds of naturally triggering a bonus range from 50:1 to 200:1 and there is need to play for between 5 and 20 minutes in order to unlock the feature. Bonus buy also ensures, there is no need to wait on playing a bonus round. The players pay a multiple of stake to trigger the feature.

Here’s an example

  • You bet $0.25 per spin.
  • The feature buy option costs 100x the stake.
  • 100 x 0.25 = $25
  • There is need to pay $25 in order to activate this option.
  • Three scatter symbols land on the next spin.

The amount needed in order to use bonus buy differs based on the game. However, you need to risk between 50x and 100x bet size. After using this option, all the prizes are significantly based on the triggering stake offered by gambling content provider.

Pros of feature buy

Keep in consideration that the slots developers keep putting bonus buy in the games for a reason or multiple reasons. The players can also that the biggest benefits of this option below. You have to wait several minutes or more before earning this feature. Most importantly, there is need of three scatter symbols to land anywhere before playing the casino bonus.

People love the base game as well as don’t mind waiting. Other times, you can be itching in order to play the feature and don’t feel as you are spinning the reels for minutes. Nothing is wrong when you are spinning the reels manually or you are using autoplay. However, you may see these routes as pointless when you are looking to enjoy the bonus round. Along with this, you can skip everything in between while buying the feature.

The player selects the bonus buy option, pay the cost as well as watch the needed triggering scatters land on the following spin. Some slots also feature their biggest payout through a progressive jackpot but many modern games tie their largest payout.

Details to Pay Attention at

Players must pay attention to the volatility of the slot machine. Volatility is one of the best ways of measuring how easy it is to score a jackpot-sized win in an online slot machine. However, if the volatility is high, this is a high chance. If they are low, the odds will be adjusted accordingly.

Games that comes with high volatility are the most advantageous along with a Bonus Buy feature, it means you can rest easy knowing in order to achieve if you decide to use it. It would be best if you keep the trigger finger on standby.

While deciding to use this boost, it’s essential for you to compare the pros and cons. It’s true that you can burn through money faster if you activate it, but bear in mind there is a strong chance you earn large prizes more than ever.