March 24, 2023

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Divorce Matters: Do I Need To Hire A Lawyer When Going Through A Divorce Or Not?

Some people opt to go through divorce alone, while some seek professional and legal help from attorneys. With everything that’s happening all at once, do you think you can handle the divorce process and everything that comes with it by yourself? Or will you need to hire a lawyer or not?

How to decide if you need to hire a divorce attorney or not?

You may opt not to hire a lawyer if:

  • You have no children
  • You have no properties and assets
  • The divorce is not contentious
  • You’re willing to go through all the requirements, all necessary documents the court will approve and go through all the processes involved in filing for a divorce

When do I need to hire a divorce attorney?

  1. When you have minor kids with your spouse

Child custody and visitation rights are your primary concern when you have children during a divorce. Both parents should have a parenting schedule where the children get to spend time with both parents if the court deems it fit.

Same goes for making significant and important decisions such as where will the children’s residency will be, what school they’ll be attending to, what religion they’ll be practicing, the health treatments the child will receive as well as child support.

  1. When one or both spouses have significant assets

Most of the time, any property acquired during your marriage is considered marital property. It would be wise to get yourself a lawyer to keep you protected from any legal obligations and even save you from losing money when it comes to such property.

  1. If the reason for filing a divorce includes abuse

If divorce reasons include spousal, child, sexual, emotional, psychological or even substance abuse, it is critical to hire a lawyer. Your Divorce Attorney can plan necessary steps to arrange for you and your children’s extra protection if any. Also, a divorce attorney can help you prove such claim, which in turn, can help you obtain child custody and a more significant marital property share.

  1. If you have a financial situation that is complicated

If you or your spouse has lots of properties, businesses and even debts, then it’s imperative to invest in a legal counsel to make sure you do everything right. You’ll surely have a hard time in rummaging your way just to ensure complex financial issues on your own, plus it takes a lot of time and a lot of documents.

  1. If you, your spouse or both of you are emotionally unstable and is/are acting irrationally

Divorce can take a massive toll on both spouses. It can cause one or both to be highly emotional and make inappropriate actions that can cause regret and affect the results of the divorce. A third party who knows the ins and outs of the processes involved will make sure your emotions will not get in the way of getting what you want out of the divorce.

  1. When your spouse has a lawyer

Doing so will give him or her some advantage since he has someone who knows the laws, the divorce procedures and all things that can make the divorce work to his or her interest.

Hiring divorce attorneys in Houston, Texas will give you advantages like no other. Doing so will not only enable you to focus on your children and other essential things. You’ll also be able to save more money, time and other resources as your lawyer will take care of the integral parts of the divorce.