March 24, 2023

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Do I Need A Lawyer? If You Are Asking The Question, You Do

It is an easy question, but often the answer is more complex than most people realize, especially when personal family issues are involved. In the case of estates, it is easy to think that leaving a will is enough, and that that is as far as your attorney should be involved.

But that is often not the case, and is a mistake most people never realize they have made as a will is not implemented until after the last parent has departed. By then, if clear guidelines are not set up, it is too late. Families have been torn apart because proper preparation of the estate was never made or was poorly implemented by the executor.

Having your attorney involved in multiple steps along the process can ensure that your legacy is not one of squandered relationships and the misuse of the physical aspects of the estate in expensive and useless lawsuits. This is not merely a matter of trusting or not trusting your heirs – it is a means of ensuring to your own satisfaction that your estate will be handled properly.

Setting up the mechanical aspects of your inheritance early can ensure that neither of these things happen, and it can also ensure that you needn’t worry about the implementation of your wishes after you are gone.

Working with your attorney will allow a parent to make sure that the inheritance is properly handled, that the children left behind do not squabble over what should be a blessing or that they do not squander the inheritance itself.

Trusts are particularly important in this last aspect of handling an inheritance. A properly designed trust can ensure that the family wealth will not disappear in a single generation, and even though we like to think everyone else (especially our children) will make wise decisions but that is often not the case.

If you family has a moderate amount of wealth or more or if there is an ongoing viable family business it is possible to structure your estate so that you can be rest assured that your assets are properly managed after you are gone. This will enable you to make sure that your grandchildren and great grandchildren also receive the benefits of your hard work.

Do you need a lawyer? The simple answer for many things in your life is that, yes – consulting a lawyer is a good decision. Find a Law Firm Charlotte North Carolina businesses and residents depend on, and ensure yourself that they are experienced in the area that you need legal counsel in. Whether you are forming a business or drafting a will, acquiring a lawyer’s advice can help you to avoid costly mistakes that may not become apparent until long after the original documents are drawn up.

Legal counsel is not just necessary for civil actions or criminal defense – it is also critical for making sure that decisions about your family business and life are the right ones for you and your heirs.

There are many times that a lawyer can help solve problems before they appear. For business and family issues. Hire a Law Firm Charlotte North Carolina residents and businesses depend on.