June 1, 2023

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Documents you Should Check When Buying a Property?



When it comes to buying property, the fraud rate of selling fake properties and multiple ownership has increased. As real estate companies have good experience in this field, they have nothing to do with it. There is no doubt that there is proper verification and everything, but you still get fraud even if you miss minor documents about property.

Many people have to lose their funds as they do not check for the proper documentation. People spend more time verifying the seller than verifying the property. Few minutes of reading can help you prevent fraud and necessity to pay for dissertation. Many documents have to be checked before signing anywhere. As buying property is not a daily task; therefore, one should be very keen during this process.

We have discussed some of the most important things that must be checked before paying for the property. It would help if you went through this whether you are an investor or buying a house for the first time. Few minutes of reading can help you prevent fraud.

Sale Deed and Title Deed:

The very first thing that has to be considered a sale deed. The sale is signed when both parties agree on selling and buying terms; it is like receipt of property transfer. It would be best if you verified the property’s identification. After the sale deed is signed, the buyer becomes the owner of the property.

Mother Deed:

The mother deed is a document on which the name of all previous owners is listed. It is an important document to verify because the seller must have the authority to sell your property.  This document describes how the property came into the seller’s possession. In many cases, the mother deed is not available, her the authorities issue a special permission letter to sell the property.

Property Tax Receipts:

Another essential document that must be checked before signing the sale deed is the property tax receipt. You may have to pay hundreds of dollars just in tax. The taxes automatically become the buyer’s responsibility after they become the official owner of the property. Many people have to pay satta thousands of dollars on unpaid taxes. To prevent any loss in future, you must verify that the taxes till buying date are wholly paid.

Any Dispute:

Before buying a property, you must verify that the property is not disputed. Sometimes, people lose their property in betting and tries to sell it right after. In most cases, the buyer offers a low price to attract more buyers. With this view, regulating online gambling platforms such as bet22 is good as you cannot bet just with words.

Approved Plan of Property:

The approved plan of property must be checked to ensure there are no legal issues with the building. You must check the age expectancy of the building, and it completes all safety regulations. Be very keen when buying commercial property; hiring a good lawyer is a great idea. There is no doubt it will be an additional investment but will help you prevent any misadventure in the futures.