April 1, 2023

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How An Accident Lawyer Can Help Car Crash Victims In Montgomery, Pa

How An Accident Lawyer Can Help Car Crash Victims In Montgomery, Pa

With a population of over eight hundred and thirty thousand people as of 2019, Montgomery sits third on the list of the most populous counties in Pennsylvania. This is a 3.9% increase from the previous 2010 census. And with the rise in population, the number of vehicles on the roads of Montgomery County is bound to increase as well.

That’s why most residents are wise enough to hire a car accident lawyer in Montgomery County if they encounter untoward incidents on the roads. These lawyers have professional expertise, years of experience, and unmatched skill in this field, enabling them to help car crash victims get fair compensation.

So, what can a car accident lawyer do for victims of car accidents?

File a Timely Compensation Claim

Under Pennsylvania’s statute of limitations, accident victims have about two years to file a claim from the date of the crash. If a government entity caused the accident, the time frame is only six months. If you fail to file a compensation claim within this stipulated time, the chances of the court rejecting your delayed application are high.

An accident lawyer can file claims on your behalf on time, ensuring you do not lose out on the monetary compensation you are owed. He will ensure you get cover for medical expenses, lost wages, dismemberment (if any), and other accident-related losses.

Conduct Their Own Independent Investigation

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Statistically speaking, there were about fifty deaths in Montgomery County in 2018. While this may not be that high a number, it is still tragic for those who faced it. Car accident lawyers will send their own investigators to study the crash site, interrogate witnesses, take pictures, and check if the official authorities have missed critical details.

Also, they will investigate if the accident has occurred in one of the most crash-prone Montgomery County areas, such as 1798 W Main St, Norristown, or 1158 Welsh Rd, North Wales, PA, among others. They are also entitled to obtain a copy of the accident report from the police.

This approach helps them determine the cause of the crash and prove that you weren’t at fault. It also enables them to manage complicated aspects of the case and define the exact amount of compensation you can get.

Represent You and Fight on Your Behalf

The most common reasons for vehicle accidents in Montgomery County, PA, include drunk and fatigued driving, speeding, and distracted driving. And the most typical injuries victims suffer on account of such accidents include concussions, neck and back injuries, fractures, and arm or leg injuries, among other things.

Your car accident lawyer in Montgomery County can show proof of your injuries to the court and demand rightful compensation. He can also represent your interests to the insurance companies and their attorneys, ensuring they do not fail to pay what is due to you.

Negotiate a Fair Settlement Amount

Often, victims who file their own claims and represent themselves in court don’t receive fair compensation because they aren’t aware of the nuances of the process. They can avoid this by hiring a professional car accident lawyer with expert negotiation skills. Since they do this daily, car accident lawyers will not settle for anything less than what their clients deserve.