April 1, 2023

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How Will Depreciation Work For A New Investment Property

Investment Property

If you are a property rental owner, then real estate depreciation may be very advantageous for you. It allows you to manage and reduce the costs of taxes of buying and improving a property over its useful life. Depreciation of rental property is a property tax that you must not forget to claim. Also, it must be noted that the depreciation tax breaks remain higher on the new properties. So it is beneficial that tax depreciation is available for all kinds of properties, whether it may be new or old.

Further in this article, you will know about how will tax depreciation work for the new investment property.

What Is Depreciation?

According to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the deduction on a particular asset over time is considered as depreciation. It can be further be described with an example, let’s suppose a desktop computer which costs 3000$ on which ATO allows 6 years, then it will provide you deductions of 500$ for every year over a period of six years. You just need to be aware of how and when to present your Australian tax returns.

How Will Property Investors Claim Depreciation?

Property investors can claim the property tax depreciation by the two ways which are basically, capital work deductions and Depreciating assets. It will be considered the right choice if you hire an expert for claiming your property tax depreciation, or you can take help to manage tax depreciation schedule at capital claims.

Capital Work Deductions

In elementary words, capital work deductions are defined as the expense of building an investment property and construction expenditure. Generally, this form of depreciation spreads dor 40 years. It is basically, the duration that ATO claims for building’s replacement. For example, if you spent $2000 for building a new property, then you will make a $5000 tax claim every year for the period given by ATO, suppose 40 years, you will claim 2.5% of claimable tax every year.

Depreciating Assets

Investment Property

According to the Australian Tax Office (ATO), the Depreciating Assets will include items such as furniture, electrical equipment, computer, motor vehicles, and many more. Also, for property investors, the depreciating Assets will include stove, light fittings, carpet, or even a garbage bin.

ATO is prepared a list of tax claimable items on which you will be able to prepare your property report until the time period. In other words, this is called an effective life, according to ATO, which is how long the asset will long before you need any replacement.

Remember, it is ideal to hire a professional or expert for effectively managing your tax depreciation schedules. The experts have a relatively better idea for managing and reducing the costs for better construction work. They will offer you an accurate report for your property claimable tax, and when to claim it. After that, it is your duty to send that report to your account who will claim it further on your tax returns. If you still face any confusion, then you should consult your accountant for more knowledge.