April 1, 2023

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Information About Child Sponsorship In Canada

Information About Child Sponsorship In Canada

Information About Child Sponsorship In Canada

Child sponsorship is one of the main priorities in the Canadian immigration office. If we want to Sponsor our own child or any other children from orphanages in Canada, we have to come across many laws and orders and satisfy their expectations. So to make this process easy, we need the help of Child sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, Canada.  Child sponsorship lawyers can be mostly contacted through Canadian Immigration Office. Let’s see about the child sponsorship in Canada in this prescribed essay.

Why  To Choose Immigration Law Firm?

The best way of succeeding in child sponsorship is to maximize our chances of success. If we are hiring the best immigration law firm it is easy to achieve success in the process as they have a wealth of knowledge.  The persons in the specified office know about the process of this sponsorship, so that they can get us the sponsorship for the specified child soon. Even they are well guaranteed for a successful child sponsorship lawyer to argue for our case. They will be stepping forward in the right way as per the Canadian government policy.

Who Can Sponsor?

Child Sponsorship In Canada

A sponsor must have the following qualities:

  • The person must be 18 years old or above.
  • The sponsoring person, a permanent citizen living in Canada.
  • If the sponsoring person is living outside Canada, he must show the proof to the government that after sponsoring a person he will be returning to Canada as the permanent resident.
  • If the sponsor is living outside the country, it is not possible for that appropriate person to sponsor any child.
  • It is a must for the sponsors not to take part in any irregular activities against the government. And he should not have any social crime cases on him.
  • The person should be strong enough to provide the basic needs of the child he is sponsoring and he should have a strong financial status in Canada.

Child sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, Canada who is contacted through the Immigration Office can easily identify the sponsoring person with all these qualities with the corresponding proof.

Who Can Be Sponsored?

The person who has to be sponsored must have the following qualities:

  • The child can be sponsored if he/she is below 22 years old.
  • The child should be poor in financial status.
  • The appropriate child should be a Canadian citizen.
  • If the child is mentally disabled or affected by any other diseases.
  • If the child is in need of money for his or her education.
  • The child who is sponsored should not have any spouse or partner.
  • We can sponsor a child in an orphanage who does not have a proper family or any relatives.