March 24, 2023

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The Best Toronto Divorce Lawyers

Looking for the lawyers in Toronto, Canada? Then you are at the right place. Toronto is the city of Canada and the famous city of the province Ontario. In the big cities like Toronto, it becomes very difficult to find a good and experienced lawyer. A lawyer is the person who studies law, and also practices it as a barrister, judge, attorney or counsel. Working as a lawyer needs a practical application of the abstract legal theories and knowledge to solve specific individualized problems. The role of the lawyer really matters in the society as they are hired to solve the disputes of the two masses.

The city of Ontario, Toronto is full of barristers that make likely impossible for the people to find a good lawyer to hand over their family matters like divorce, spousal agreement, separation agreement or child custody. In this regard, a family law is necessary to hand over your case so that they advocate your matter on your behalf.

Dani Z Frodis- The best Divorce Lawyers:

This service is provided by the best family law firm called Dani Z Frodis. It is the professional cooperation that is working with the people for more than decades. They are highly experienced and qualified team that understands your unique situation and handle it accordingly. They keep your emotions in their mind and handle the case like their own. The Frodis barrister team offers experience, credentials and success record of the most skilled lawyers family of the city, Toronto. They advocate your case not only in Toronto but also in the cities like Brampton, Milton and Oshawa. And they are very proud of their experience and reputation as personal, effective and highly competent and successful staff.

The staff consists of 10 experienced members that are rendering their services to the family law, Dani Z Frodis. Following are the members that are proudly the member of the law firm:

  • Dani Z Frodis – the founder of the family law who called the bar in 1993.
  • Kori J. Levitt – called the bar in the year of 2000.
  • Melissa M J. Grimshaw- she called to the bar in 2006.
  • Samantha N Dineno- she called to the bar in the year of 2009.
  • Robyn Switzer- called to the bar in 2010.
  • Daniel Bernstein-called the bar in 2011.
  • Ildiko Moktassi- called the bar in 2009.
  • Daniel Mills – she is assistant to Dani Z. Frodis.
  • Angie Moia- the assistant to Kori j. Levitt and Daniel Bernstein.

Preparation of Separation agreement:

Dani Z. Frodis help people to going through an exceptionally difficult time in their lives. When it comes to ending a marriage, everyone suffers a lot. This law firm bring a sensitive outlook and focus on keeping the process decorous, on track and as advanced as possible. The team members work together and day and night to serve you in your difficulty.


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