March 27, 2023

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Top 3 Reasons For Litigated Divorces



Most divorcing couples often choose litigation as a way of resolving their disputes as they separate. Other options include collaborative divorce and mediation. There is no formula for divorcing because all circumstances are different. Not all divorces end up in court. However, some situations necessitate a litigation divorce process. If you are going through a litigation divorce process, the best decision is to hire an attorney to guide you and protect your interests. Here are some of the reasons why litigation divorce becomes necessary.

Trouble Cooperating

A significant number of divorcing couples have trouble agreeing or reaching a settlement. The scale of the disagreements is often the determining factor for whether or not you need a litigated divorce in Austin TX. You may end up in court to settle your divorce case if you have trouble cooperating. It’s common where the divorcing parties have an objective winning the fight rather than negotiating to satisfy the primary goals of each party.

Unreasonable Party

Most attorneys know how judges rule divorce cases when taken to court. As such, they try to solve a divorce without necessarily going to court. However, litigation becomes the only solution when one party is not willing to settle on a reasonable solution. In that case, taking the divorce to court becomes the best option. It allows the judge to make a ruling that must be obeyed by all parties.

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Unusual Issues

Some common issues in divorce include child support, spousal support and division of assets and property. Some divorcing couples have other unique matters outside this scope. Such issues can sometimes prove hard to resolve without taking the matter to court. In this case, it’s wise to consult with Austin divorce lawyers. You need legal advice on how to handle the divorce case to avoid making costly mistakes. Fortunately, the court can help in resolving such unique issues.

Litigation Mistakes

Stakes are often high in a divorce case. From property division, child custody to child support, there is a lot to deal with during the legal process. That’s why it’s wise to avoid some crippling mistakes. One of the best ways to avoid most mistakes is to hire an experienced divorce lawyer for advice and guidance. Also, never make the mistake of talking about your divorce case on social media. The evidence could be used against you by your partner.

Divorces can be complicated and each state has different divorce laws. That’s a reason enough to schedule an appointment with a divorce attorney.