May 31, 2023

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Top Five Reasons You Should Fight for Your Workers Compensation Rights

Workers Compensation Rights

Workers Compensation Rights

Workplace injuries are common. In fact more than two million injuries or illnesses that can be directly linked to the workplace are reported every year in the United States according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. If you have been injured at your workplace or have contracted an illness due to the hazardous work environment it can have long term consequences on your life. Apart from the trauma and loss of wages that you face initially a serious injury or illness can change your life forever. You might lose your confidence to resume work and also have to bear high cost of treatment and rehabilitation.

The Workers’ Compensation Act was conceived to provide relief and compensation to employees who suffer injuries and illness at workplace. But you will be disheartened to hear stories of people who have been denied adequate compensation for their injuries. There are several instances when employers have simply turned a blind eye to their former employees who have been injured. This calls for you to remain strong in case you have been denied compensation and treatment costs you need to fight for your rights. With the help of a Workers’ Compensation Attorney you will be able to challenge the injustice and get compensated adequately. Let us now look at five reasons why you need to fight for your workers’ compensation rights –

  1. It is your right
    If you have been injured at the workplace or contracted an illness it is your right to be compensated. The injury may not have been caused by the negligence of your employer but when it happens in the line of duty you need to be compensated for the wage losses, the hefty medical costs that you have to bear and the long term consequences of the injury that you are likely to face well into the future. 
  2. Injury effects your life
    An injury always have several effects in your life. First it can jeopardize all the career and financial goals that you have set so far. Those dependent on you do suffer as much as you when you lose your wages or have to undergo regular treatment and rehabilitation programs. In the long run you may have trouble getting back to work that is suitable for your skills and be forced to take up low paying jobs. In all such cases you must be compensated financially which will heal some of your emotional wounds if not the physical ones.
  3. Medical costs are growing
    The cost of medical treatment is on a rise. If the illness or injury that you have suffered at your workplace requires long term treatment and rehabilitation you will need to bear a component of the cost as insurance may not cover the total cost of treatment plus the other expenditure that you have to bear. This is the reason you will need to fight for your rights to ensure you can afford the required treatment without having to spend your life’s savings.
  4. Your employer won’t make it easy
    Insurance companies would very often cajole your employer to file objections to deny you your rights. After all no insurance company would like to bear the cost of your wage losses or treatment that happens due to an injury. Thus you should never take a step of resuming work or signing a petition without discussing it with your workers’ compensation attorney.
  5. It’s time to give back
    There is nothing as demoralizing as being denied compensation by the employer for whom you may have worked single-mindedly for months and years. At a time when you would have expected them to stand behind you they along with their insurers would have tried every trick in the book to falsify your claims and deny what is due to you. This should be motivation enough to fight for your rights and become an inspiration to other workers who are being defined their rights.

These reasons to fight for your workers’ compensation rights are compelling, aren’t they? If you have been a victim of injury at workplace and have been wronged by your employer you should accept this injustice. A seasoned workers compensation attorney will help you at every stage of this process offering you the right legal counsel and standing up and fighting for your rights.

Summary – In this write-up we look at five strong reasons for you to fight for workers’ compensation rights to earn rightful compensation.