August 13, 2022

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Two Of The Best Family Lawyers In Australia

The caption ‘Best family lawyers in Australia’ is a mark which tells about the efficiency of the service of the lawyer. It can be given to the family lawyers who are proficient in the professional practice by following ethical measures for the accomplishment of desired results. There are many ménage advocates in Australia who are practising in the family law for years. To select the best one out of them is difficult task. The leading kinship counsels in Australia are noted below. The brief descriptions of them are also given below:

O’Sullivan lawyers

The firm is a client focused group of reliable and affordable lawyers based on Australia. They practice in the other law areas also which is very important. Because, the lawyers of the firm can help if any criminal aspects is present. The lawyers can also help in case of the involvement of the Police. The lawyers in the team are very experienced to get the desired results. Ben O’Sullivan is the director of the firm. The law practitioners in the firm are Tom O’Sullivan and Samira Friis who have great expertise in the family law. Unlike the other household attorneys in Australia the team has dedication in such a way that the attention to the client is constantly provided.

The cost effectiveness of the litigation proceedings is also noteworthy. The head office is located at heart location of Australia CBD. The major advantage of the team from the other family lawyers in Australia is that they offer consultation of the busy clients in the early morning or the late nights according to the convenience of the clients. The different locations in which the consultation can be arranged for the clients are Wollongong, Miranda, Hurtsville, Parramatta, North Australia, St Leonards, St Ives and Hornsby. The firm encourage the collaborative settlements as they have contacts with the ‘neutrals’ who are expertise in different areas like accounting, financial planning, psychiatry, psychology and real estate valuation.

Pearson Emerson Meyer lawyers

This private advocate in Australia team has high expertise in the financial settlements in the spousal disputes, de facto relationships and same sex relationships. The financial and prenuptial agreements are also created by the lawyers. The firm has been consistently recognised as the First Tier in the Australia and New South Wales. The number of accredited specialists in the firm is ten. The head office of the team is located in Liverpool Street (level fifteen, one hundred seventy five). The areas of family law which the team manages are divorce, patenting arrangements, parenting orders, relocation of children, financial agreements, child support, same sex relationships, surrogacy matters, maintenance of the spouses, international services and many other services.

The senior consultants in the firm are Cynthia Bluett, tony krouk, Karen Hardy and Cathleen Colman. The senior associates are Karen Beashel, Heidi Menkes and gabriellakhoury. The junior associates are louise carter and Candice Lau. The lawyers practising in the firm are Marco Bianchino and Lucas McCallum.


These leading lawyers are very strong with the above mentioned members which make them the most popular family lawyers in Australia.