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What is the Scope of Taking Law as a Career in India?

Law is one of the best and popular career option in India. Law has various range of job opportunities and it is considered as one of the respected jobs in India. The job market and the opportunities for legal professionals are increasing day by day.

Law as a profession is in huge demand because of the changing economic as well as social circumstances and increased in different acts undertaken by the government that’s why there is will be a rising demand for the lawyers in future.

It is quite confusing for the students after completing their 12th exam whether they should take law as a career option or not. Many students do not know what are the career opportunities in law. Join best law exams coaching classes.

In this article, we are discussing the opportunities which are available after taking law as a career option in India.

If you are interested in making a successful career in law then you can do a 3-year law program after graduation in any discipline and a 5-year Integrated law program after completing 12th.

After completion of your 12th, you can give the common law admission test and get a chance to pursue a 5 year BA LLB course from one of the top 16 National law universities of India.

Being a lawyer you will get a great opportunity to work on a variety of legal issues and cases. It is a rewarding job in both terms of salary as well as respect which you will get in society. But to become a successful lawyer takes a lot of hard work, determination and patience.

After completion of the law courses, you can also place at various reputed law firms, government agencies as well as banks etc. There are many top law firms in India that pays more than Rs 1 lakh per month to fresher’s.

After completing law studies there is also a great opportunity in the teaching profession as a law professor in one of the top law universities which offer a rewarding job to law graduates and postgraduate scholars.

You can also so make a career in the writing field by doing research papers for publication in renowned journals and magazines so that it will add value to your academic profile and also help you to earn money side by side.

After completing your law studies you can become a judge in the High court and supreme court which is one of the honorable profession and it attracts students because of the respect that the position holds. Get complete details about law entrance exams.

The legal profession is one of the best and respected professions in society. It is a highly paid profession and the earning in which profession is mainly depend on the  experience and job profile of the candidate.

After completion of the law the student has opportunity to appear in the competitive exam. It is a dream of every student to crack the government exam and secure job.

There are judiciary exams which are conducted by the central government as well as state government to recruit judges for the High court as well as supreme court.

There are various areas in which you can do your  specialization in law which are as follows

Specialization in Civil law

The specialisation in the civil law deals with handling the damage suits, private rights of individuals and handling breach of contract suits.

Specialization in criminal law

The specialisation in the criminal law deals with offences against the society or this state. It is one of the oldest branch of law which involves inter weaving clients and interrogating witnesses.

Specialization in Corporate law

The specialisation in the corporate law deals with advising corporations and various companies on the legal rights and obligations and help them in making important decisions in a legal manner. There is a huge demand for lawyers in the corporate sector with the handsome salary.

Specialization in Real Estate law

The specialization in real estate law deals with legal activities with respect to the property and drawing of legal documents different types of mortgages.

There are also some specializations which include labour law, international law, tax law, Intellectual property law, Mergers and Acquisition law etc.

It is recommended to every student that they should work on their skills and knowledge so that they can crack any exam as well as job and make their career successful in the field of law. The scope of a career related to law is very vast in India.


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