May 31, 2023

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Why Fathers Need To Fight For The Right To Stay In Their Children’s Lives

Why Fathers Need To Fight For The Right To Stay In Their Children’s Lives

Making the decision to terminate a marriage is not easy on either party. Emotions tend to run high and hurtful things are said. When a divorce is imminent, and there are no children involved, both parties can transition into the next phase of their lives with a fair amount of ease. When there are children involved, both parties have to take special care to ensure that they are doing everything in their power to help their children understand what is happening and to help them understand that they are not the reason for the divorce. There are many fathers who come out with the short end of the stick at the end of a contentious divorce. It is important for fathers to understand that they should not subscribe to the foregone conclusion that they have to lose the connection with their children. Legal professionals like Schill Law Group believe there are a number of reasons why fathers need to fight for the legal right to have access to their children.

It’s About Mental Health And Stability

Divorce can be devastating for a father and his children when the father is accustomed to playing an active role in the day to day functions of their children’s lives. The sudden disruption of that type of daily interaction can leave young children feeling hurt and confused. There has been a multitude of studies that have shown that divorce can cause children to act out in negative ways when they don’t have access to their parents. Oftentimes children begin to experience issues like behavioral problems, anxiety, depression and they tend not to do as well in school. There have also been studies conducted that have shown that fathers who lose the ability to interact with their children on a daily basis, often experience feelings of loss, depression and some turn to alcohol or other addictive substances.

Positive Relationships During The Course Of A Lifetime

Why Fathers Need To Fight For The Right To Stay In Their Children’s Lives

There are numerous studies that have been conducted that have revealed that girls do much better during the course of their lifetimes when their fathers are present in their lives. The father-daughter relationship is the most important one she will ever have. That is the one relationship that shapes a girl’s opinions of men, helps to develop a healthy self-image, self-esteem, and build the confidence she needs throughout her lifespan. Generally, women choose the type of men they believe they deserve. This is why the father-daughter relationship is so important because a father who plays an active role in his daughter’s life can provide her with positive examples of how women should be treated, and provide his daughter with unconditional love. The way that women choose to approach life, can often be traced back to the type of relationship they had with their father during their formative years.

There Is No Replacement

A father’s role in the life of his son is equally as important as the one he plays in his daughter’s life. Boys have a natural urge to seek the approval of their fathers. This is a part of the father-son relationship that follows them throughout the course of their lifetimes. Son’s look at their fathers to teach them how to survive and behave. Oftentimes male children who do not have fathers will seek to formulate a father-son relationship with another dominant male figure. In most cases, it’s important that fathers can continue to remain in their son’s lives so they can be there to give them the nurturing and the approval they need.