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Why White Borneo Kratom Is An Important Part Of Indonesian Culture?

White Borneo Kratom grows in Borneo Island in Indonesia. Because of its suitable climatic condition, the island has over 10000 plant species, including Kratom. White Borneo holds a special place in Indonesian’s heart because of its useful properties.

The name White Borneo comes from the fact that the strain has a white vein running down the middle part of the leaf. It has been around for centuries; however, Indonesia is vastly rural. As such, there is not much written about the history of Kratom in the region.

People have used white Borneo Kratom for medicinal and recreational purposes because of its effectiveness in boosting energy, focus, and endurance. Even in the modern-day, it is of great importance not only to the locals but also to the western countries.

What makes the White Borneo Kratom special in Indonesian culture?  You ask. Well, that all this guide is about. Read on to discover some of the reasons that’ll make you want to search for kratom near me.

White Borneo Kratom Origin

White Borneo Kratom grows in Borneo, an island in Southeast Asia attached to Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei. However, white Borneo Kratom is grown in part of the island under Indonesia. Kratom plants have been occurring naturally in this region for centuries, a factor that makes it special to Indonesians. White Borneo grows in one of the oldest forests. After harvesting, it is shipped through Bali ships. Consequently, some people refer to white Borneo as the White Bali Kratom.

White Borneo Kratom Healing Properties

For centuries Kratom has been used by Indonesian to cure different illnesses. The ancient inhabitants of the region used it for therapeutic purposes, with no known serious side effects. This makes the plant very special to the people.

The ancient Indonesians used White Borneo to treat diarrhea and opium addiction. It was also used to improve sex drive, treat fever in children and fight insomnia.

Like in Indonesia, other parts of the world embrace the use of the White Borneo Kratom strain as a natural treatment alternative.

Tea Culture


Traditionally white Borneo Kratom was used in brewing tea. Experienced farmers carefully harvest the leaves followed by thorough washing to eliminate dirt and soils and later dried ready for human consumption.  They believed that taking Kratom tea would help men work for long hours and help them fight diseases.

Social Context

Even though Kratom helped to increase work productivity, it was not uncommon for males to use kratom during recreational time. Men chewed fresh kratom leaves and smoked dried kratom leaves or infused them with tea during social gatherings. Besides, psychoactive drugs like White Borneo Kratom played a special role in religious rituals among the early Indonesians.

Economic Impacts

You cannot underestimate the economic contribution of white Borneo Kratom to the villages in Indonesia. In recent years the strain has gained a lot of popularity due to its demand overseas. Most traditional Kratom uses in Indonesia are not available since the country is one of the most rural countries in the world. The demand for this strain in the west is one of the major contributors to the region’s economic growth.

Many residents were palm and rubber farmers, but in recent years, they had shifted to the farming of white Borneo Kratom. The Kratom boom started in 2007 when it gained popularity outside Southeast Asia. Today, Kratom is the other biggest Indonesian cash crop. Compared to rubber and palm, Kratom is easier to produce and has more returns per kilo.

Traditionally the leaves of Kratom were chopped and dried and were used to brew tea, and sometimes it was chewed raw. It was also commonly used by laborers and other people who were engaged in hard tasks to reduce fatigue and increase their work productivity.

Farming and Processing


Farmers take pride in keeping the ancestral legacy going. Traditionally veterans’ farmers took pride in taking care of the trees. Experienced farmers did the growth and harvesting, and processing of Kratom. Many farmers consider it an honor to grow this ancestral plant and showcase it to the world.

With white Borneo gaining much popularity, Indonesian farmers are enjoying the credit. The demand for White Borneo is increasing daily, and more people are shifting to using the strain. The farmers are also working to meet the demand, and more and more farmers are abandoning palm farming and embracing the farming of Kratom.


White Borneo Kratom is not only special to its consumers but also to the farmers. Kratom is very important to Indonesia’s culture since it originates there and has been serving them for centuries. Apart from its medicinal properties, the plant has boosted the region’s economy and improved the living standard of the locals.







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