March 24, 2023

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A Personal Injury Lawyer In Detroit For Accidents That Involve Falls Or Slips

A Personal Injury Lawyer

A Personal Injury Lawyer

If you received injuries due to an accident that involves falls or slips, a personal injury lawyer in Detroit can assist you in getting a settlement for the difficulties you have endured.

Accidents That Involve Falls Or Slips

If you are on someone else’s property and you fall or slip within that property, you can hold the owner of the property responsible for any injuries you may sustain. Each year, several thousand people acquire injuries from accidents due to falls or slips while on a property that is either privately-owned or government-owned.

A Personal Injury Lawyer


Ascertaining liability or fault on the part of the owner of the property shall necessitate ascertaining the amount of obligation owed to the individuals visiting the property, an inability to act to keep visitors to the property safe and if the owner of the property was aware of the aspect of the property that caused the fall or slip. Moreover, the victim’s actions in being careful or careless around dangerous areas of the property is a factor in ascertaining liability or fault.

It should be noted that falling or slipping is a common event that happens every day. An ordinary fall or slip does not always mean that the owner of the property can be held liable. In most accidents involving a fall or slip, the victim is also required to have a certain amount of obligation. Owners of properties are not liable if the accident happens because the victim failed to notice normal dangerous situations. Owners of properties are also not liable if the accident happens due to a clear hazard that can be sensibly avoided. Ascertaining the amount of obligation of care required of victims and owners of properties necessitates careful investigation of the present situation as well as the actions, or lack thereof, of the victim and the owner of the property.

A Personal Injury Lawyer

Owners of properties can be liable for tripping, falling, slipping, accidents due to construction, debris or products that fall, slippery conditions on the property due to some form of lubrication such as oil or grease, slippery conditions on the property due to ice or water, slippery conditions on the property due to a waxed floor or floor polish, accidents in stairwells due to lighting that is poor, debris on the roadside that are dangerous, accidents due to maintenance that is poor and lack of security.