March 27, 2023

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How To Handle Divorce Conflicts Easier

Many couples remain in a bad marriage only because of their children or are they waiting for the “best time” when a child will be able to easily accept their divorce, but is there really the best age when we talk about this problem? The criminal bail hearings lawyer toronto will give you some tips on this issue.

In what age do children suffer most from divorce?

Divorce is not something that is planned, but if the relationship becomes too difficult, painful and harmful, divorce is often the only solution, even when you are aware that the situation will undoubtedly, most often negatively affect the child. However, not all children are the same nor are they as old as it depends on how much the situation will leave the trail and investigate the child.

Whenever parents are talking about children and divorce, it is inevitable that the child will suffer, and the only age in which he may be less likely to understand the problem is up to two, maximum three years.

But know that even two-year-olds will notice that something is going on, because they will be aware of the changes on the emotional, not just at the cognitive level, especially if both parents are very attached. After the third year, the trauma will definitely be bigger, because the children have memories and then they can already partially understand that something is happening, and what the child is older, the situation will be more traumatic, especially at the age of about 11 years.

By that time, the child had been alive for over 10 years with both parents, with both having developed a deep relationship, understanding the importance of the family, but the children are still uncompromising and too self-centered so that each problem between parents and the final divorce will be much more difficult more problems that involve withdrawal, somatic difficulties, depression.

However, life is not chosen and parents can not often wait for a child to cross that critical age to divorce, so it’s important to know that even in the case of children, even a divorce itself may not be so traumatic.

Divorce itself is not the worst part. The most difficult part is the conflict that comes through during and after divorce. This conflict becomes especially harmful if it takes place before children, when parents argue and indulge in each other, or when each of them tells the child only ugly things about the other. In extreme cases, when parents are constantly confronting children, divorce could be even useful.

But divorce alone is not the worst thing in the world, even for a child to puberty. The trauma is worse when one of the parents literally stops being a parent after the divorce. Then children suffer the most because they feel that leaving a parent begins to lose a good deal of themselves. Especially if the parent decides to terminate the contact or to be a much less parent in a relationship than he was before.

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