March 27, 2023

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Things To Do When Facing Disputes With Your Employer As An Immigrant

Employer As An Immigrant

One of the many things you fear as an immigrant is losing your job. You are in another country right now because you received an employment opportunity. Searching for another job could be challenging. You might end up getting deported unless you get a post that will extend your right to stay.

However, if you end up with disputes against your employer, you cannot let it continue. Even if you desperately need the job, you cannot let your employer abuse you.

Common problems

Some immigrants complain about getting asked to work overtime without receiving appropriate pay. Others complain about doing jobs that they did not agree on doing when they accepted the post. In the worst cases, some immigrants face physical and emotional abuse at the hands of their employers. If you encounter any of these issues, you need to take a stand.

Talk to your employer

The best option is to be upfront about what you feel. You cannot expect changes with how your employer deals with employees like you if you do not speak up. Some of them might intentionally violate the rights of their employees, but others do not. They might not even be aware that they are already breaking the rules and making them aware is the right first step.

Ask for help

For cases involving criminal misconduct, you need to go to the police and report it. You can also go to your country’s embassy for help. File a report about the incident when you felt violated and abused. The officers will then investigate your complaint and take action. Make sure that you have evidence to support your claim. At this point, you also need to prepare to lose your job since your employer could take revenge on you for your action.

Talk to lawyers

Another way to tackle the problem is to talk to lawyers. You need guidance during this difficult time. You can check out the lawyers at since they know how to deal with problems related to immigrants like you. They understand labour laws, and they will find a way for you to receive the justice you deserve. You can tell them what happened and show them evidence. You can prepare to sue your employer. Your lawyers will tell you what to do to succeed in your case.

Start looking for a new job

If you opt not to go through the legal trouble, but you also do not want to stay in the same position, it might be time for you to begin job hunting. While you are still working with the same employer, you can bear the pain until you find another job. Once you have received an offer which is way better than what you have now, you can grab the chance right away.

You deserve humane treatment as an immigrant because you are doing the country a favour. Without your help and the millions of immigrants out there, it would be impossible for the country to survive.