April 1, 2023

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Top Scenarios For When You Need A Lawyer

Top Scenarios For When You Need A Lawyer

Lawyers. We love to hate them. We make up jokes, GIFs and memes, many of them highly unflattering, some of them downright nasty, and feel no compunction sending and forwarding them. 

Now, is all the hate justified? Sometimes. 

However, there are many instances in your life when you will not only need a lawyer, but they might also be your best bet on getting a measure of justice. There might even be your last defense for freedom or your life. 

Here are a few examples;

1. Personal Injury

In case you get injured due to others’ negligence, a personal injury lawyer can help you through the resulting civil lawsuit. They are also handy if you decide to settle such issues out of court by getting the best deal for you. 

Some cases where best lawyers from Cariati Law will help you include dealing with a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver and fighting for compensation after an accident at work.

Lawyers will know how to take on insurance companies and big corporations better than you ever could on your own.

2. Medical Malpractice

If you get injured or ill due to the negligence of doctors, you are entitled to compensation; for example, where you get a complication due to a surgical error or a misdiagnosis results in illness. 

In such cases, a medical malpractice lawyer comes in handy. They have access to medical experts who can prove your case, know the legal processes and procedures and how to best file your claim for a successful outcome.

3. Business Deals

When coming to an agreement on a business deal, you may get short-changed if you are not careful. Some deals, such as mergers and acquisitions, require you to sign a lot of paperwork, and some vital information can get lost in the small print. 

A corporate lawyer can help you avoid signing paperwork that can either lead to losses or liability. If you are starting a business, a lawyer can also come in handy to help you get all the paperwork done, such as incorporating your business or signing a lease for some office space.

4. Property Transactions

When you buy a property, you may need help with the paperwork or advice on how to avoid fraudulent deals. There are many documents you need to peruse and many of them contain a lot of legal jargon that may be hard to understand. 

A lawyer will also help you perform due diligence on a property and ensure the transactions are honest.

5. Family Issues

Apart from marriage and divorce, there are other issues surrounding the family that a lawyer can assist. For example,

  • Adopting a child
  • Emancipation
  • Paternity case
  • Changing your name after a divorce 

If you live in California and you want to find out how much it costs to change your name, you can start your research online for a speedier process.

6. Planning your Estate

last will and testament white printer paper

It’s essential to have a will before you die. 

professional Estate lawyer from Atlanta can help you write a sound will that will not be challenged after your death, ensuring your loved ones get what you leave for them and your wishes are respected.

Creating a trust should be done with a lawyer’s help too. Any legalities you need to deal with where your estate is concerned will be made easier with an experienced estate lawyer on your side.

7. Criminal Charges

We all like to think we are good citizens. However, we may find ourselves, justly or unjustly, on the wrong side of the law.

If you have been charged with a crime, It is highly advisable to consult a good lawyer fast. A lawyer will potentially be your best shield from spending a lot of money in fines, time in jail, or even the death penalty.

8. Dealing With Tax Problems

We have all heard the saying ‘as sure as taxes and death’. 

However, paying taxes is not always easy or straight forward. Without the right information, you may end up overlooking some and getting into trouble with the taxman. 

A tax lawyer can help you in various issues that are tax-related such as;

  • Paying taxes for an estate
  • Dealing with a tax-related court case such as tax fraud
  • Undergoing an IRS audit or dealing with an IRS tax dispute.

9. Work-Related Issues

 Workers and employers are protected by various laws and therefore, no employer or worker should be taken advantage of. However, various problems may come up at work that requires you to call a lawyer for help.

An employment lawyer can be of assistance in the following work-related issues.

  • Discrimination due to a disability, gender, religion or race
  • Unlawful demotion or termination
  • Sexual harassment or violence at work.

Do You Need A Lawyer?

These are just a few scenarios when you may need a lawyer and as you can see, a good lawyer is worth their weight in gold.  You may think getting a lawyer is not essential, but they can save you money, jail time, get you compensation and even help you sort your affairs after death. Don’t hesitate to call a reputable lawyer, such as the legal experts at Aiello Harris law firm for help.