April 1, 2023

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Why Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer to Sponsor a Foreign Relative?

Why Do You Need an Immigration Lawyer to Sponsor a Foreign Relative?

The US immigration procedures and regulations are far from simple. People who aspire to immigrate to the US should prove that they have the required financial backup to lead a life in the country.

Reputed immigration lawyers like the Moore Law Firm help people who are trying to obtain a US immigration visa or green card. As per US immigration regulations, US citizens are allowed to sponsor relatives who are abroad. Having a US sponsor can speed up your relative’s immigration process and allow them to benefit from specific legislative relaxations.

Family-Based Immigrations in the US

The immigration process involves paperwork and several legal formalities. By sponsoring a relative, you essentially promise the government that you will support the relative financially if the relative cannot support himself or herself. All sponsors will have to file the sponsor petition or the “Affidavit of support” in USCIS Form 1-864. US citizens are allowed to sponsor their spouses, children, parents, and siblings.

How an Immigration Lawyer can Help

Immigration lawyers have comprehensive knowledge of immigration laws and are well versed in the legal nuances associated with the process. An expert immigration lawyer can provide a range of valuable services.

Proving Your Relationship with the Sponsored

Sponsors are required to submit relevant documents to prove their relationship with the sponsored person. The person will have to submit relevant documents like the birth certificate and proof of identity.

The government is more confident about issuing green cards and visas to people who have sponsors. Your immigration lawyer can help you identify and file the documents and help prove that you are related to the applicant.

Filing of Forms and Other Documents

The immigration process can be long drawn and elaborate. Expert immigration lawyers like the Moore Law Firm have a track record of helping numerous clients complete the process and obtain visas and green cards. You may have to submit relevant written submissions and requests along with forms.

Your immigration attorney can guide you through the documentation process. Sponsors are required to pay a filing fee of $420 to the US Department of Home Security.

Understanding the Income Requirements

The USCIS publishes the income requirements of the sponsor. The sponsor must prove that his/her household income is 125% above the national poverty line. Hence, the income requirements change based on the variations in the national poverty line.

The income requirement of the sponsor sponsoring a person for the US immigration visa is approximately $30000. The income requirement of a person sponsoring a relative for a green card is around $21000. The sponsor should be a US citizen living in the US and be at least 21 years old. The government may be reluctant to accept requests from citizens who live abroad unless they can prove that they are only living abroad temporarily.

These provisions may be too complicated for a nonprofessional to grasp. Your immigration attorney can help you understand them, help you do the relevant calculations, Family Immigration Lawyer and establish that you are qualified to be a sponsor. Sponsors will also have to submit documents to prove that they are financially qualified to be sponsors. An immigration lawyer can help you prove the same.

Understanding the Available Options

Immigration lawyers can help you understand and evaluate all your available options. Green card sponsorships are generally simpler than immigration visa sponsorships. Your lawyer will study your situation and help you figure out the best solution for you and your relative. The lawyer will also help you understand the documentation and financial requirements of each of your options.

Knowledge and Experience

Immigration lawyers specialize in immigration law and have extensive experience in working with several immigration clients. The skill and expertise of the lawyer will be beneficial throughout the sponsorship process. Your lawyer clearly understands the documentation requirements, the fee requirements, the mistakes you should avoid during the application process, etc.

Immigration lawyers have in-depth knowledge of the citizenship blueprint and laws relating to citizenship. They also have years of practical experience helping clients complete the immigration process and move to the US.

Help Avoid Immigrant Court Proceedings and Mistakes

The services of an immigration lawyer may help you avoid mistakes and faulty applications and filings. The guidance of reputed immigration lawyers like the Moore Law Firm can help you avoid the possibility of immigrant court proceedings and other complications. The expertise and skill of the lawyer will work to your advantage and may even help speed up the immigration process.

Final Word

The services of immigration lawyers can be highly beneficial for US citizens who are sponsoring relatives. Immigration lawyers can help citizens take the proper steps and avoid traps and mistakes. Working with an excellent immigration lawyer will make the process easier.